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Richland Center Contacts

Jenny Britt - Office Manager

Richland Center Staff

Jennifer Britt - Office

Tim Teubert - Office

Rick Bell - Heating, Geothermal/HP, Plumbing, Repair/Service, Cooling/AC, Duct/Cleaning, Air/To/Air/HP

Jeff Jelinek - Heating, Geothermal/HP, Repair/Service, SM/Fabrication, Cooling/AC, Air/To/Air/HP

Jeff (Dub) Walsh - Heating, Geothermal/HP, Repair/Service, Cooling/AC, Duct/Cleaning, Air/To/Air/HP

Jim Luxton - Electrical, Telecom

Adam Winsor - Heating, Repair/Service, Cooling/AC

Clayton Neprud - Heating, Repair/Service, Cooling/AC

John Mc Nurlin - Electrical, Repair/Service

Nakoha Moore - Tech


Viroqua Contacts

Savannah Buros -Office Manager

Viroqua Staff

Savannah - Office

Leland Winsor - Master Electrician

Jamie Brassington - Master Electrician, Repair/Service

Brian Funk - Plumbing, Heating, Geothermal/HP, Repair/Service, Cooling/AC, Air/To/Air/HP)

Ed Olson - Plumbing, Heating, Geothermal/HP, Repair/Service, SM/Fabrication, Cooling/AC)

Arthur Winsor - Owner, Master Plumber, Heating

Kyle Smith - Tech